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Who is a recruiter?

In the 21st century, business has come to understand that employees are one of the fundamental foundations of stable work. Well-chosen staff will bring not only profit growth to the company, but also new ideas. There is a fierce competition for qualified specialists. A certain person is engaged in the search for new employees – a recruiter. Who is this employee and what are his responsibilities?

A recruiter (sometimes called a hunter) is a specialist whose tasks include the selection of promising candidates for a specific position, placing maximum emphasis on the needs of the company. He clearly understands the basic skills that are important for work, so he searches in accordance with them.

Due to the constant struggle of corporations for valuable personnel, this profession remains in high demand in the labor market. The specialists of this department can work both in the state and remotely – the main thing is the result. You can learn more about salaries from the survey conducted by career portal Happy Monday. And we will consider in more detail what this profession is, what exactly a hunter should do and how to build a career in this area.

Who is a recruiter and what does he do: types of recruiting

A recruiter is an employee who is looking for qualified personnel according to specified parameters. It is he who must select the best candidate for the position that is open in the company. The tasks of a personnel manager are called: determination of the competence of a new employee, his personal and professional qualities. He not only conducts interviews with applicants, but also forms applications for the search for employees, examines resumes sent from candidates, and also selects rare specialists.

To better understand the specifics of the profession, let’s look at the areas of recruiting. In addition to the usual search for personnel, when the most popular vacancies are gradually replaced, several specific categories have been identified.

Mass recruiting

The presented method of recruiting employees is used when an organization needs to fill many vacancies at once. Usually these are offers of the same type, that is, developers, sellers, builders. This is exactly the situation when a recruiter – HR manager is left without free time for miscalculations and detailed study of previously sent resumes from applicants.

Executive search

The process of searching for specialists of the highest category, rare specialization, or an employee of the senior management department. These tasks are much more serious, therefore, they require careful consideration of the applicants’ resumes and more in-depth work. In this case, the qualifications and experience of the specialist will be checked without fail.


Translated from English, “Bounty Hunting” – fully corresponds to the tasks of a hunter. The task of this specialist is to attract a certain employee to the company, usually from another corporation. Often, this process is used to fill the leadership link.

Now you know what a recruiter does, who he is in business and how the further development of the company depends on him. When choosing such a specialization, study the types of work with which you will have to deal. The presence of skills, high communication skills and insight will make you the most top hunter for valuable personnel!

What are the responsibilities of a recruiter?

The list of job tasks depends on the type of activity of the enterprise. A recruiter usually has the following responsibilities:

  • accepting applications for the selection of new specialists;
  • drawing up criteria for future employees, job descriptions for search sites, characteristics necessary for candidates;
  • consultations on the preparation and filling in of personal data;
  • market monitoring to assess the adequacy of the established requirements and conditions;
  • search for employees for vacant positions, filling vacancies;
  • psychological and professional analysis of applicants;
  • acceptance, monitoring of resumes, helps to make edits to them;
  • organization of questionnaires, conducting tests;
  • informing applicants about working conditions, working hours, specifics;
  • transferring information about potential employees to the main decision-makers on hiring.

In addition, it will be necessary not only to organize meetings of the customer with the applicants, but also to take part in them, agree on the terms and conditions for the final candidate to enter the job. In some companies, such a specialist performs the duties of two positions – HR and recruiter. In this case, you will need to facilitate the adaptation of newcomers, organize corporate events, and so on.

To better understand the specifics of the HR recruiter profession, who it is and what is to be done, we recommend reading books for development in the presented direction. D. Smart and R. Street have a great tutorial on how to successfully hire people. The book is called “Who. Solve your problem number one. ” D. O’nil with his textbook “Selection interview. 58 questions from the practice of the largest companies in the world ”will tell you how to conduct surveys of potential candidates with maximum benefit, and not just to put a tick.

Recruiter: what is this profession

We have already explained the key points of work in this direction, but it is worth paying attention to the official division. In recruiting, just like developers, there are Senior, Middle, Junior-HR. This means that the levels are similar and end with the positions of recruitment lead and HR lead. Then it all depends on the company and the ambitions of the employee himself.

Today, artificial intelligence is filling various fields of activity, thereby displacing living people. Most of the routine work is automated. Even in recruiting, there are already programs that filter out candidates’ resumes by keywords, and in some progressive companies, a chatbot conducts the first interview. What does a recruiter have to do to stay afloat? Better machines will be those specialists who know how to communicate and have a creative streak. First of all, we are talking about branding and image.

Next, you will need to improve your marketing skill, so the manager can not only conduct market analysis, but also identify the needs of the target audience and find out what it relies on when agreeing to a job offer. Most recent negotiations. Today, this is what makes AI lose. Only a qualified hiring professional will be able to find the right words to convince a professional employee that getting a job with them in the company will be the best decision in recent years.

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