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Evaluation methods: how to properly evaluate employees of IT companies

Employee evaluation is a mandatory part of the work process. This is an important procedure to improve employee performance, give them feedback and provide a ground for career advancement. So a person can better understand the value of their work, and the company – to see the contribution of each employee to the common cause.
Each company has its own assessment methods. To sum it all up, we would like to single out the 4 most popular ways to measure IT productivity.
Let’s go!

360 degree method

This method involves the assessment of the employees by those people who work directly with them: their manager, colleagues, subordinates, customers. All people who come into contact with the employees in working mode, provide information about them, their impressions of working with them, advice and more. In addition, the employees must assess themselves according to the necessary criteria.

The peculiarity of this method is that the evaluation criteria for each employee must be the same. That is, the method allows you to evaluate even the heads of departments. The person receives feedback completely anonymously. Thanks to the method you can learn more

As a rule, this method is not taken as a basis when reviewing salaries, promotions, etc. However, it allows you to assess the situation in the team and consider the personal characteristics of the employee.


Professional certification is a formal procedure that shows how well a person’s skills correspond to the position he holds.

Certification should be conducted 1-2 times a year. In the process of certification, professional growth, contribution to the development of the project or company, quality and compliance with the deadline, responsibility, discipline, ability to work in a team, etc. should be assessed.

Certification is one of the most important methods of evaluating employees in any IT company.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) system

KPI – indicators that allow you to assess the effectiveness of human work in relation to the goals.

In order to make good use of the KPI method, it is necessary to determine the frequency of data collection. It should be noted that the KPIs of each employee are related to the performance of the entire company. In addition, measuring results should not be costly.


Last, but not least is self-esteem.

Self-assessment allows employees to measure their own effectiveness, skills, competencies and more. This method is quite subjective, but allows the company to know how the employee sees himself.

Thanks to the method of self-assessment a person can analyze their activities, select facts and think about steps to self-realization. The employee seems to look at himself from the side, trying to assess their strengths and their contribution to the development of the company.

However, since the method of self-assessment is not objective, it can be used in combination with other methods. The best way to use this method is to address employee development issues.


Employee evaluation is important for the company’s development. To better understand the importance of each of them, the company must pay enough attention to this process. All the methods mentioned in the article can be used independently, but for best results we recommend combining them with others.

Choose the methods that suit your company and conquer new heights!


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