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What skills does a programmer need?

Programming has already become a common area of employment, where specialists receive high salaries and are engaged in important projects. It is not difficult to start a career in IT, the main rule is to set a goal for yourself and not go astray. Who is a programmer? This is a specialist who writes code for online games, applications and services.

To work in this direction will require knowledge of programming languages ​​such as Java, C ++, Python and others, as well as certain personal qualities. For a programmer’s resume, these criteria are: efficiency, ability to work in a team, discipline, accuracy and adherence to deadlines. In this article, we will answer the most exciting questions of beginners who are going to connect their lives with programming.

What should a programmer be like?

You need to understand that there are no age restrictions for starting in this direction. A man and a woman can become a programming specialist. The main criterion is interest in code development and information technology. A programmer is not a person who hides behind a computer, wears glasses and cannot speak to the opposite sex. This is a specialist who generates ideas, is able to present them in a quality manner and translate them into reality, as well as who knows how to work in a team and explain the essence of his profession in an accessible language.

Let’s take a closer look at what skills a programmer should have. The specific skills of the developer depend on the chosen direction in IT. Common skills include:

  • development of code in one or more languages;
  • understanding of algorithms, databases, programming structure;
  • work with various frameworks and libraries;
  • using the command line;
  • understanding of the structure of the web portal, the principles of layout;
  • timely detection of bugs in the code or their complete prevention.

In addition, the skills for a programmer should include the ability to work in a team. This is due to the fact that in most cases, application development lies on the shoulders of specialists in different areas of the IT industry. Only smooth interaction with other creators will allow you to create a high-quality digital product. In the next block, we will analyze the key skills of a programmer.

What qualities should a programmer have?

Our team of specialists has studied a lot of information regarding skills that are important for specialists in this area. The level of salary, position and comfortable working conditions in general depend on them. Programming is suitable for those who like to seek solutions to problems. That is why the key skills of a programmer include thinking outside the box and a desire to constantly evolve.

Do not forget about patience and perseverance. Undoubtedly, complex and sometimes unsolvable tasks at first glance will appear in the work, but when faced with difficulties, you should not give up. For future digital product development workers, employers require a high level of analytical skills and advanced logical thinking.

Schoolchildren or students who dream of becoming programmers need to devote more time to technical studies:

  • informatics;
  • mathematics;
  • physics;
  • English language.

But it is impossible to speak about this statement with complete certainty. Knowledge of the mathematical foundations for working with simple problems is not always required. However, for full-fledged career advancement in the profession, this subject will help, at least, to direct thinking in the right direction.

For a profession, a specialist will need to concentrate on solving one problem and think over the details for a long time, therefore, the programmer needs perseverance and lack of absent-mindedness. Without them, the beginner will have serious obstacles to promotion. In addition to technical abilities that you can learn on your own, in universities or in courses, an IT developer will need soft skills. These include:

  • fast reading speed;
  • understanding of written functional requirements;
  • the ability to find mismatch;
  • the ability to make decisions independently;
  • curiosity;
  • critical thinking;
  • the ability to listen to others;
  • increased attention to detail.

Start practicing coding as early as possible in order to understand if the profession is right for you or not.

What skills does a programmer need?

According to the statistics provided by the team, the IT direction is now in the leading positions in terms of salary. Let’s take a look at the top 10 skills that will help a novice developer in their work, so as not only to do what they love, but also to get a big salary.

  • Technical base.

When selecting an employee for an IT company, you should not select a person strictly according to the established requirements in the speech. You can look for a developer with more than three years of work with Java, C ++ or Swift, study the professional qualities of a programmer in general. Professionals who have experience in a different direction and a short period with specific languages ​​upon request are also excellent candidates. It is their great background in other areas that will help in development.

  • Willingness to learn something new every day.

Technologies are constantly moving forward, and the skills that a specialist has now, most likely, will be considered obsolete in a few years. Therefore, it is important to be a developer who is always aware of new trends and strive to take advantage of any opportunities to obtain a continuous stream of knowledge.


  • Neutralization of errors.

Coding is only part of the IT developer’s responsibilities. When a software malfunctions, a professional will need to quickly and accurately fix the bug. Therefore, you need to carefully check your code and immediately fix possible problems until you get the perfect result.


  • The right atmosphere for work.

The requirements for the profession of a programmer do not end with the needs of the company. An important factor will be to clarify with the future employee his ideal environment. Someone works exclusively in silence, fully focusing on the task, while others can safely write code in the office while listening to songs from the radio. Be clear about the situation so that no difficulties arise during development.


  • The ability to quickly fix problems.

A competent specialist is able to solve the task in any case, no matter what difficulties arise. If the answer to the employer’s requirements is: “I cannot”, “I don’t know how to do it” or “I cannot do it”, then once having offered your innovative development you can hear “It cannot be done”. In other situations, the customer will want to stop working with such a “programmer” altogether.


  • Love for what you do.

There is a huge layer of people who work strictly on time. They do not care that there are urgent tasks, their main task is to work out, for example, nine to five and go home. Companies love those who are interested in improving themselves and the product. Employers are always looking for and rewarding employees who can delay and get the job done when the situation calls for it.


  • Calm attitude to stressful situations.

There are extremely stressful days in development, as are many other professions. Customers set tight deadlines, the application does not want to work as required, bugs appear – all this affects the psycho-emotional state. The ideal worker is one who is able to adequately perceive the entire flow of negativity and abstract from it.


  • Oratory skills.

It seems that programming specialists do not need advanced communication skills with clients. But still, you will have to interact with colleagues, management and sometimes customers who want to work directly, so you need good communication skills.


  • Laziness

What? Does this exactly refer to the ability a developer should have? Yes! American programmer Larry Wall, who wrote the book “Programming in Perl”, claims that the best employee is the lazy employee. Such a person, in order to quickly rest, will find the fastest and most effective way to implement the project. Therefore, developers often look for ways to automate processes in order to save not only their time, but also the company’s time and money.


  • Compliance with deadlines.

This factor is important in many professions. Most of the IT specialists work on the technical assignment with specific deadlines. Naturally, managers should make a reasonable time frame for writing code and debugging it, but programmers themselves should strictly respect deadlines.

Now you know all the necessary knowledge for a programmer that will help you get a dream profession and earn big money doing what you love. Pump yourself up, practice constantly, follow the trends of the IT community and do everything to make your product the best. Only in this case you will be considered a professional specialist who will be recommended and set as an example.






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