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TOP 5 problems of Ukrainian recruitment

The Ukrainian labor market in the field of IT is a candidate. This means that specialists get jobs according to the principle “they do not choose me, but I choose”. This leads to high competition between companies for the best staff.
And here HR enters the arena, which will either provide the company with a real specialist, or let him in favor of a competitor. Unfortunately, the latter happens very often due to annoying mistakes of the recruiter.

Let’s talk about them.

Do not explain the technical features of the vacancy

According to the GUID survey, only 9% of respondents always received a subject description of the technical tasks of the vacancy.

No wonder, because recruiters are reluctant to talk about the company or project itself. It is difficult to say what is the percentage of negligence and what is the lack of understanding of the IT sector in general.

In order to convey quality information to the candidate, the recruiter almost has to be a programmer himself; must know the basic technologies, programming languages, frameworks, and other aspects. Without this basis, it is a conversation between the deaf and the blind.

Inability to understand the needs of the team

We found that substantive conversations with candidates are difficult. Obviously, the same thing happens with customers (with department heads, or clients in a recruiting agency).

HR is often ashamed or does not consider it necessary to (re) ask the customer about the details of the vacancy, because he does not want to show his incompetence. As a result, the description of the vacancy is not always true, and all parties get nerves and a lot of time spent.

Inability to convey the benefits and values ​​of the vacancy

This problem is a consequence of the previous ones. How can you talk about the advantages of a position when you do not understand it and cannot compare it with what the labor market offers? The candidate also does not understand the benefits – and “merges”, because the very fact of opening a vacancy does not make it desirable.


The habit of spamming the vacancies

For a candidate to respond to a vacancy, it must accurately meet his needs. That is why a competent recruiter will ask an IT specialist about what he wants before offering something to him. And an illiterate person will simply “drop” an irrelevant proposal at random, which will only repel the candidate.

Vacancies that do not match the experience – spam in the cube. And it is incredibly annoying to about 60% of IT professionals.


Incorrect analysis of the competence of the IT specialist

In this regard, the network has a meme: “Our HR believes that Developer is something lower than Junior, so I never looked at their resume.” It sounds ridiculous, but in reality candidates who do not have the necessary knowledge and skills come for an interview.

After all, only 1.5% of them had the opportunity to start the interview with information about themselves. And remember the lack of a culture of communication – and you will understand why we found ourselves in a situation of “toxic recruitment”.


Companies would be more active in attracting good professionals if recruiters understood what they were doing. The field of IT is quite difficult to master, but technical literacy, understanding of development processes, responsibility for all stages of hiring should still be a must for HR.


This is the only way recruiters will not just develop the team, but will do so tactfully and painlessly for all parties to the process.

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