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Have you wanted to get a job for some time, but still haven’t found the “dream company”? This is difficult, we understand 🙁

As new businesses grow at a breakneck pace, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose between them. And the sea of ​​ratings of companies that are designed to help you choose the best option is not always useful. Indeed, the sheer number of criteria and authorial judgments is often confusing.

So, to make life easier for those who are actively looking for the perfect organization, we present the Top 5 top employers in Ukraine! We hope it will definitely help you find the “best of the best”.

The list below shows the companies that form the lists, as well as a few words about the ratings and links to them.


Let’s start with the latest, namely the rating “STUD-POINT”!

The organization is known for providing employment for students in Ukraine. The competence of “STUD-POINT” includes:

  • assistance to students and graduates of Ukraine in the first stages of their career path;
  • search for young specialists to work in top domestic companies;
  • dissemination of the employer’s brand among students.

Every year within the framework of the forum “HR-POINT” – a project for top HR specialists of Ukraine – a competition “Top 25 employers open to talents under 25” is held. The award aims to encourage large corporations to hire young professionals to maximize productivity from collaboration. Accordingly, the main criterion is openness to work with students and graduates.

Since this rating was published only a few days ago, we advise you not to waste a minute and get acquainted with vacancies in the following organizations!

Thus, the following companies were selected in the “Top 25 employers open to young talents”: “ZONE3000”, “Ukrtelecom”, “KPMG”, “PepsiCo”, “Kyivstar”, “Genesis”, “appflame”, “EY”, “GlobalLogic”, “Nestle”, “Vodafone”, “Volia”, “Yalantis”, National Bank of Ukraine, “ELEKS”, “TEDIS”, “Admitad”, “Farmak”, “EVA”, “Alfa-Bank Ukraine”, “Philip Morris”, “SimCorp”, “MacPaw”, “British American Tobacco”, “Syngenta”.

Each of them has its own history of working with students and graduates.

For example, Vodafone has been running an internship program since 2015. Currently, the main goal is to involve Generation Z in the development of new expertise in digital products and services. The Vodafone Career Way project is a paid six-month internship for students of all specialties, mostly 4-6 courses. Each participant is assigned a mentor who acts as a mentor and helps the newcomer to adapt to working conditions. An important element of the program is the development and implementation of an individual development plan consisting of two blocks: hard skills and soft skills.

The National Bank, in turn, offers internships in one or more structural units of the central office. It is carried out by students in their free time on a free basis, the specific place of work is determined depending on the needs of the organization. The duration of the program is agreed with the employee, but it certainly can not exceed 6 months. During the internship, students are involved in the development and practical implementation of their own ideas and projects, conduct research, etc .; the possibility of further employment is provided.

And Ukrtelecom actively offers internships for 3-6 courses, which takes place mainly in a distance format. Like Vodafone, the company is not focused on specific specialties – everyone is invited to work. Although, there is a specific program: “The best – with Ukrtelecom.” It is designed only for technical profiles.

Of course, these are not all examples of cooperation between winning companies and young professionals. However, we hope this was enough to convince you that you should always believe in yourself and try to get a job, even in the absence of previous experience!

2.Forbes (together with

The following factors were taken into account when creating the Forbes rating: employee satisfaction with working conditions in the company, salary level, the company’s interest in the welfare of employees, information openness of the corporation, etc.

JTI (Japan Tobacco International) took the first place. As many as 92% of employees would recommend it to friends or acquaintances. This is not surprising, as the association takes care of the staff in every possible way, generously giving employees social guarantees.

The silver went to Kyivstar. The company is characterized by a very attractive social package, which includes health insurance, opportunities for personal and career growth (training and courses), bonuses for good work, adaptation programs for beginners and more.

And in third place is ProCredit Bank – a commercial bank that is part of the international group ProCredit, headquartered in Germany. This fact can not but affect the corporate culture: employees are trained annually abroad, and all the “recruits” must learn not only banking, but also the ethics and art of negotiation.

The rating from “DOU” applies only to IT companies. The top is presented in the form of a summary table, which includes companies numbering 81 employees.

The table shows separate ratings for mergers of different sizes. Here the companies “Genesis” (in the category “from 1500 specialists”), “Plarium” (800 – 1500 specialists), “Terrasoft” (200 – 800) and “Codemotion” (81 – 200) won the championship.

3.TOP-100 (together with

This rating of employers was formed taking into account three assessments: the results of readers’ voting on the website (20% of the total score), the opinion of the expert jury (60%) and the opinion of the editorial board (20%).

The list includes more than 140 companies, most of which belong to the retail, food and telecommunications industries.

So, let’s note a few winners.

Kyivstar. And here the telecommunications giant stood out due to attractive working conditions and proper care for its employees.

Metinvest. As you know, the company very carefully monitors the health of workers, conducting regular medical examinations and maintaining the necessary level of comfort in the workplace.

“Farmak”. The corporation is actively implementing a program to build an external and internal HR brand. Among her projects are cooperation with specialized universities, work with the Small Academy of Sciences, promotion of the employer’s brand on social networks, etc.

5.GRC (formerly HeadHunter)

GRC forms both general ratings of employers and “tops of the best” in specific areas: IT, trade, etc. The latest list includes such companies as “PrivatBank”, “Vodafone Ukraine”, “OLX”, “Nova Poshta” and many others.

In the field of IT should be noted “Wargaming”, “GlobalLogic Ukraine”, “EPAM”; in the trade sector – “Hello”, “Rosette” and “Citrus”. Finally, in the field of telecommunications, Volia, Lifecell, and Ukrtelecom differed.

So, by the end of the article, you can be sure that you will soon find the job you have been dreaming of all your life. If you are interested, find out, follow the links – and career success is guaranteed!

Well, if you can’t wait to apply for one of the internships, run to read our article on the STUD-POINT blog about successful cases of attracting young people from the top ten companies. Build your successful career forward!



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