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How to move to IT from other areas

The field of IT is constantly evolving, expanding and opening new opportunities. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more representatives of other spheres are willing to move to IT.

The most important thing you need to determine at the transition stage is in which direction to look for work. Because in IT there are many professions, each of which has its own characteristics. We will talk about it further.

  1. Your friends or acquaintances who are directly related to this field can help you decide on a specific direction in the IT industry. It is also useful to attend thematic IT events – conferences, webinars, etc. This approach will help you more or less understand this area and finally understand whether it is interesting for you.
  2. The next step is a real assessment of their capabilities. Think about what position in the chosen field you can really get and what you will strive for. In fact, the structure of IT companies is almost no different from the structures of other industries, so there is a good chance to change the direction of activities without significant “career losses”. IT companies, like many others, need economists, accountants and lawyers, but in addition to the general requirements, there is often a requirement to know English.
  3. Don’t limit your IT career plans to the skills you already have, it’s never too late to start learning something completely new. So if you are willing to work hard and start from scratch – it’s quite real.

That is, everyone can change the field of activity to IT. You can look for a job in the main specialty, or try something new and interesting. I would advise not to neglect the available professional experience, but to use it as a springboard for a powerful jump and fast career advancement.

We choose a vacancy

Now I will give some advice on choosing the “best vacancy”. I hope this will help applicants not to lose course in the sea of ​​vacancies.

  • If you speak English, have a flair for sales and get high from constant communication with people, you will ideally “fit” the following vacancies: key account manager, sales manager, business development manager, business manager, vip-manager.
  • If you enjoy working with existing clients, consider such vacancies as support manager or account manager. In addition, the requirements for knowledge of English are not so strict for applicants for these positions – an intermediate level will suffice.
  • The level of knowledge of English is close to “zero”, but do you have the skills to form a base of potential customers and first communicate with them? In the field of IT you will have the following vacancies – PreSales Manager or lidogenerator.
  • A cool recruiter or HR specialist will be a person who really loves others, has a lot of patience and is interested in all the news in the field of new technologies in general and in the IT market in particular. This is indeed possible, and the requirements for knowledge of English depend on the company’s charter.
  • In addition, another interesting vacancy for those who are not friends with the English language. If this gap is compensated by the desire to sell, you can safely apply for the position of sales manager or CC operator. The only clarification – the product produced by the company must be focused on the Ukrainian market (to conquer the world market will still have to master the English).
  • Accountants who love and know their business well, but have lost inspiration, can retrain as 1C consultants or become specialists in the implementation of accounting.

Let’s summarize – the field of IT really opens up many prospects and benefits, including the opportunity to earn well. However, for this you need to work really honestly and be a great specialist. So I wish everyone to achieve their goal and find their perfect IT vacancy!


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