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What is employee loyalty and how to achieve it

Achieving employee loyalty is one of the main responsibilities of any employer. Thanks to it you can get many different benefits. From improving the efficiency of each employee, and ending with the creation of a positive image of the company in society.

In fact, it is difficult to assess the level of loyalty in a particular company, and in general, how high it should be. However, at the same time, it is difficult to overestimate its role in business development and profitability.

What is loyalty and how to measure it

Staff loyalty lies in the emotional commitment of employees to management, as well as in their enthusiasm and dedication. It increases the likelihood that the employee will stay in office for a long time and will not look for another job.

There are several ways to test employee loyalty:

  • assessment of staff turnover intensity;
  • conducting questionnaires and surveys among employees and management;
  • study of staff behavior in the workplace and during breaks;
  • interviewing employees from different departments.

If you want to properly assess the level of staff loyalty, then you need to use all the methods listed above.

In addition, among the fairly effective ways to determine the commitment of specific employees is the “Kettel test”, as well as the “360 degree method”.

How to increase employee loyalty

Improving staff loyalty is one of the main tasks of the company’s management. And this task requires a comprehensive approach. It includes the need to identify problems that concern the entire workforce, as well as each individual specialist.

 AboutHR company offers some of its tips for improving employee loyalty:

  1. Fair and competitive wages. Employee loyalty is highly dependent on the amount of salary, as well as on its compliance with the duties performed. If another company can be paid more for similar work, then employees will find that their work is not valued.
  2. Increasing responsibility. In this way, you can demonstrate the trust of management. But at the same time it is necessary to provide employees with everything necessary to perform the tasks. Otherwise, they may perceive the new conditions as “shifting responsibilities”.
  3. Stimulate the development of your employees. If the company helps specialists to develop professionally – it can not only increase the loyalty of existing staff, but also attract new interested candidates. Therefore, it is important to create conditions for career growth and knowledge that are of interest to workers.
  4. Minimize doubts. For most employees, confidence in their workplace is very important. Therefore, it is important that management is honest with its employees, as well as provide up-to-date information about the current situation in the company and plans for the future.

Improving employee loyalty is a key component of corporate culture. The employer must be able to listen to their subordinates and create optimal working conditions not only physically but also emotionally.

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