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Skills and achievements in the resume. How to write achievements in a resume?

A resume is a document that gathers all the information about skills, experience, level of education and other information that is necessary for the recruiter to consider the candidacy of a future employee. The main rule for the selection of a top employee is considered to be his previous results. However, it is very difficult to find a well-written and informative application form for employment. Applicants often make the same common mistake of not mentioning achievements in the resume. Most of the questionnaires are presented in the usual list, which indicates the responsibilities without any specifics.

Let’s understand what needs to be done to increase the chances of getting the coveted job invitation, what specific examples you need to give, and what mistakes to look out for.

Why describe the skills and achievements for a resume?

The presented section is necessary in order to show the company its success and efficiency. You have to give the impression that you will not just work with a gray mouse, stuck in a corner, but will become the main source of its prosperity. Only YOU can do it and no one else!

Professional responsibilities and achievements in the resume fuel the pride of employers. Nobody wants an ordinary employee in their team. Everyone needs those who will:

  • make a profit;
  • reduce costs;
  • speed up workflows.

IT companies need an employee who can easily communicate with colleagues and customers, who can store data securely, create something unusual. Successfully completed projects show the level of responsibility and determination of the candidate. Here’s what the manager wants to get and see in the resume.

How to choose the main achievement in life for a resume? It is not necessary to write one thing, the main thing is to rely on facts and indicate only what is directly related to the position. Below we will definitely look at examples of the correct spelling of this block, and now let’s talk about the cliché.

The founder of the site Raisa Sorokina in one of her articles says: “I do not like when people in the resume in the list of their personal qualities indicate responsibility, determination, duty…”. She believes that such a list can say nothing about the candidate and even more so to prove his professionalism. Only personal achievements can do that! For a summary, they are indisputable facts confirming that you can achieve your goals.

The results of the work done show that the candidate is making a career and growing in his field. Demonstrating this in your resume, you will prove that you appreciate and love what you do, want to succeed in business, achieve something more, become an expert. Raisa Sorokina says: “This is a subtle hint of a high salary and a serious position!”

Successes and achievements in the resume: what to choose from

For those who have never thought about the correctness and effectiveness of a resume, it is difficult to find a list of suitable skills. Each profession has certain requirements and the future employee must meet them. If you have no idea what to write, how to call a resume, and what to stand out, then use our cheat sheet. Specify the following:

  • skills of interpersonal business communication;
  • ability to organize work, planning, examples of correct decisions;
  • attention to detail;
  • the ability to analyze the problem, to effectively seek ways to solve complex problems;
  • ability to show flexibility in different situations;
  • advanced project management skills;

In the blog of Svetlana Petrovicheva, the founder of (job search service), there is a great example of a perfectly developed block with achievements. However, we strongly recommend that you select your skills based on your requirements for applicants. Often the employer himself notices what he expects from the future employee. Try to paraphrase his requirements and confirm them with key skills. With this approach, you are sure to get a resume that attracts attention!

How to correctly write achievements in the resume and avoid mistakes?

In this section we will look at how to correctly indicate your career success. We recommend focusing on three simple rules:

  1. Information about yourself must be specified as clearly as possible – raised demand by 17%, accelerated the process by 10 seconds, trained 5 newcomers, developed 15 applications, passed three tests, created 20 advertising banners and more. Units are not important here, the main rule is to describe the essence. If you were a developer, indicate in which projects you participated. Here is a useful example of what achievements can be written in the resume: “I worked for three months to create a mobile application” ProFit “for the Apple Store platform.”
  2. Sending achievements to a specific place of work. This item is more of a recommendation. It is more logical to write the results in the questionnaire not for life, but only for the period of work in any company. Most often, employers are asked to indicate the last 2-3 jobs, so describe the progress in them.
  3. Compliance with the position. It is considered a common mistake to write successes that do not belong to the desired vacancy at all. Most of the candidates do not understand what needs to be indicated for the position of the head and what for the subordinate. For example, you are looking for a job as an IT director, and you describe the results as a novice programmer. Or a person dreams of becoming a frontend developer, and before that worked as a business coach and achieves achievements at the level of senior management.

The conclusion is simple: when you are looking for a vacancy for a managerial position, make sure that the achievements correspond to the leadership. If your task is to find the position of a novice specialist – describe the results of your level without embellishing reality.

Professional achievements in the resume: examples

Now you understand what kind of resume you want to create, what successes are, and how best to fit them. Let’s use examples to see what to focus on.


Conducted training for new employees of the department (approval is not an achievement, it was your responsibility).


Trained five new IT staff members.

Made a lot of changes that helped reduce costs (what exactly are the changes? How did you achieve that?)

Formed a department from scratch (what specific measures were used?)

Made the transition to IP telephony, which reduced the telephony budget by 25%.

Built a department from scratch (hired and trained 10 subordinates), prescribed instructions and regulations, developed a program of motivation and salaries ).

It’s so easy to make your resume informative and interesting, and most importantly effective.

What are the skills in the resume: what are they like

Usually this information is allocated in a separate block. It describes information that does not fit in the responsibilities section, but is important for the future boss. Now we are talking about professional skills, without which the employee will not cope with the tasks set before him. You might not have used them in your previous job, but you could easily use them. The basic skills are divided into groups:

  • communicative – the ability to negotiate, persuade, work with objections, competently delivered written and oral speech;
  • organizational – project management, multitasking, processing a large amount of information;
  • applied – a confident user of PCs and computer programs, knowledge of foreign languages, the ability to work with databases.

We recommend that you read the advice of IT specialists, presented in a separate article on the DOU portal, to better understand the wishes of employers.

Properly compiled resume with the specified skills and successes will help to get the desired position faster. It will reveal the goals and opportunities of the candidate for future career advancement. We hope that our team has helped you to correctly state the main advantages of the questionnaire and fill in each section correctly. In addition, we advise you to add recommendations from past jobs, the purpose of employment, as well as to study the top options for interestingly compiled resumes of IT specialists from different fields from the team.

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