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Web development: what resources beginners worth pay attention to

A web developer who is just starting his career usually has a lot of questions.
How to start?
What sources to use?
Which way to go?
And many more.

In this article, we will try to answer the above questions and provide you with a starting point. It is important to note that the article does not mean there are no other ways or that this is the best way. We will illustrate just one of the ways that can help in your endeavors.

Where to start

If you speak English, we recommend trying FreecodeCamp as the first source. It is practical and convenient for many developers who have started their way in web development.

First of all, you learn to encode online in the source editor. This means you can learn to code without worrying about setting up the machine for development. In the beginning, you want to focus solely on learning to encode, not on other distractions. This is what FreecodeCamp does – it allows you to focus on programming.

Second, it provides a clear path of progress. It starts with basics such as HTML and CSS. Eventually, you move on to improved areas of safety and quality assurance. The main thing is that the resource takes you through all areas of web development – Front and Back end-development, security and more.

Finally, FreecodeCamp has a YouTube channel where you can learn more about some topics. If their online platform is not enough for you, you can supplement your training with textbooks from their channel. For example, you want to study NodeJS in depth. You can go to their YouTube channel and find many textbooks from NodeJS.

Thus, considering the above reasons, we can say that FreeCodeCamp is an excellent starting point. But remember: there are other ways to become a developer.

Alternative or addition

An alternative or addition to FreecodeCamp will be The Odin Project. This is similar to Freecodecamp, as you can learn the topics you need to become a web developer.

You can choose one of the following learning paths:

  1. Full stack Ruby on Rails
  2. Front end only
  3. Full Stack JavaScript

These paths partially intersect. For example, you study HTML, CSS and Git in all courses.

In addition, they have an active Discord community. This means that you can join other people and get help if you have difficulties. Or even help others. When you are part of a community, the process is more enjoyable, easier, and moreover, you are less likely to give up and drop out of school.

Unlike FreecodeCamp, The Odin Project does not have an online editor. You work on your machine and make extensive use of Git. In other words, it mimics the workflow that you use as a professional software developer.

The Odin Project is a great alternative or addition to FreecodeCamp. You can’t go wrong with one or the other. However, if time allows, try to use both in parallel. Again, if you speak English.

Which way should a beginner go

The first rule of a successful career: no one can tell anyone which way to go. For example, if you want to become a Front End developer, do it because you like it, not because someone advised you to.

In this article, we recommended FreecodeCamp because it guides you through various areas of web development. This way, you can experiment with which area you like best.

Don’t start by trying to learn everything at once. Instead of becoming a Fullstack developer from the beginning, focus on just one area – Front end or Back end. After a while, you can start exploring another area and become a Full stack developer.

However, it is not necessary to try to study everything at once: there will be no qualitative result from such attempts. Front and Back end are complex in themselves. For a beginner, trying to learn can be frustrating. So, study one, and after you are comfortable with the chosen one, study the opposite area.

What’s next

You are ready to apply for the role of Junior Specialist if you have passed any of the mentioned platforms or even graduated from both.

When companies are looking for Junior Developers, they are not necessarily looking for technical skills. Companies are looking for people who have good soft skills and are willing to learn. So, learn the basics and start looking for a job. You can even pump your knowledge during the search.

Returning to the resources, we also recommend Front end Masters. This is a great platform if you want to specialize in specific technologies – such as React. Frontend Masters teachers are professional developers. In addition to the obvious benefits of getting high-quality information, you can see how a professional developer solves problems and the development environment.


There are many other platforms, blogs and channels that can help young professionals develop. In this article, we have mentioned only some of them.

Summarize everything we said:

  • Use a free platform such as FreecodeCamp or The Odin Project
  • Select a web development area – either Front end or Back end
  • Once you are comfortable and confident working in your chosen field, start learning another – if you want to become a Full stack developer.

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