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What does a tester need to know?

The concept of testing implies a fully formed specialty in the IT industry, where there are relatively minimal requirements for the start, compared to other areas of development. Tester – an employee who checks digital products for operability, as well as finding bugs and improving quality.

The responsibilities of a specialist in this field include not only the study of probable errors and malfunctions, but also the simulation of various situations that may arise during its direct use. Many beginners choose the profession of tester due to the lack of excessive requirements and simplicity of work. What you need to know about this specialty? Is everything as simple as it seems at first glance? Let’s understand together.

What the tester should know: briefly about the profession

Let’s start with the numbers: according to the information provided on the portal, beginners in this field at the very beginning of their careers are able to receive from $ 500, and more advanced specialists can count on a salary of $ 2,500. If you pump the skills to the maximum, perfectly understand the essence of the work and take the position of QA Tech Lead, then it is quite possible to get more than $ 3,500 a month. A great reason to think about mastering this area in IT, right?

The beginner tester should consider the theoretical and practical part of the specialization. In the first case, we say that the specialist is responsible for checking the software and helps the development team to fix bugs, as well as prevent them from occurring.

In IT, there are several subtypes of responsibilities of such employees:

Software tester – what does a beginner need to know? He must be able to perform normal manual work. Beginners are often not associated with the stages of improving product quality in a global sense. Such an employee only finds and eliminates errors.

Quality Assurance – in this case, the requirements for the Middle-level tester are higher. Usually these are specialists who work in this field for 1-2 years. They are responsible for improving the quality of software at all stages of development. Specialists at this level create and set standards, monitor compliance, and select verification tools. The tester will be required to develop a bug prevention plan as well as improve quality assurance processes.

For clarity and a clearer explanation of the main tasks of the employees of this department, let’s consider a simple example of tasks for beginners, which are found in the proposals of employers. Juniors are usually required to test household programs, such as a calculator. In some cases, you will need to find bugs on the portal of the company where you plan to get a job. Examples, of course, are the simplest, but they can immediately tell what exactly the employer wants.

What you need to know to work as a tester: basic knowledge

So, you have decided that a QA specialist is exactly the profession you need. Now the question is, what do you need to know? For the tester, especially the beginner, this section is very important. The first thing you need to learn the basic terminology and rules of future work. There is a lot of literature on the Internet that will help you dive into testing without a database. We recommend paying attention to Roman Savin’s textbook “” and Svyatoslav Kulikov’s book Software Testing. Basic course ”. A qualified specialist must understand:

  • what is a bug report or test case;
  • testing strategy;
  • operation of computer networks;
  • the structure of the PC;
  • basics in programming;
  • subtleties of using the database and web resources.

It is not necessary to first study to be a programmer to start a career in testing. But you need to understand each stage of the work – this is an important rule of a competent specialist in QA. Without this knowledge, it is impossible to make correct tests, which will lead to errors and poor quality of the final product.

Of course, in addition to theoretical knowledge obtained independently or in courses, practical skills will be required. You will need to learn:

  • to make test cases
  • write bug reports;
  • draw up other working documentation.

You can check for errors and improve the quality of everything. Any programs, services, mobile applications and web portals come under the tester’s watchful eye. We recommend to be engaged in drawing up of documentation not only at independent studying of a material, but also at passing of profile courses. Regular practice has not harmed any other specialist. The better you compile bug reports and cases, the more likely it is that recruiters from cool IT companies will be interested in you.

What you need to know to become a tester: basic skills for the job

The exact skills of the applicant are formed from the selected vacancy. Usually they immediately indicate what is expected from the future employee. Let’s clearly understand what a QA tester needs to know. At least when hiring a beginner will need to be able to:

  • identify and correctly make mistakes;
  • work with bug-tracking programs in Jira, Redmine or Bugzilla;
  • to carry out client monitoring of mobile applications of web services;
  • to be engaged in testing at the basic level;
  • use programs like Charles or Fiddler, and work with Wiki and Confluence.

The advantage will be knowledge of English at a level above average, as well as a basic understanding of programming languages ​​such as Java or Python.

What you need to know Junior QA: let’s summarize

At the beginning of your career, you need to understand what exactly the customer requires. At the first stage of work there is a development of elementary testing, and only then – improvement of quality of production. It is necessary to understand that testers are called Junior specialists, and QA is already Middle and more advanced workers.

To receive the first order or hire, you need to know the theoretical material, be able to find and start defects in practice, as well as use bug-tracking systems, work with test case repositories and services for monitoring data transfer. The software tester, whose requirements are specified in the vacancy, can work for large corporations, small studios to provide testing services, as well as freelance. The desire to develop, to practice regularly, as well as hard work – all this will help to get the dream job in IT!

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